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Bulk Cryogenic Liquid
Bulk gases supplies to regions having void or short supply from domestic production. One of the most..
Cryogenic Design
Cryogenic design, otherwise known as the ability to fabricate dewars, containers, tanks, cryostats a..
Dewar Flasks
One word can be used to describe this product line… “flexible.” This product can fulfill many diff..
K-Air has commissioned its Helium transfil facility on global standards. This facility will be certa..
Industrial Gases
K-Air has set up its refilling stations in strategic locations in western region of India for refill..
Liquid Hydrogen Dewar
Cryofab's CLH series portable liquid hydrogen dewar is intended for low pressure transport and stora..
Low Pressure Container
The absolute back-to-basics low pressure container without bells and whistles is a throwback to th..
Portable Liquid Helium Dewars
Designed for minimum-loss storage, transportation and dispensing of liquid helium. Our state-of-the-..
Speciality Gases
K-Air Speciality gases deals in range of High Purity Pure gases upto 6.0 grades, Rare gases, Electro..
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