CO2 Recovery and Production Plants

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130 Series for CO2
Temprite has expanded its product lines to address the unique and challenging demands of CO2 sy..
CO2 Air evaporator
Atmospheric evaporators represent a very economical version of CO2 evaporation. They use the heat of..
CO2 Electrical evaporator
The direct electrical evaporation system essentially consists of a heating rod bundle which is direc..
CO2 Production plants
BUSE CO2 production plants are compact, reliable production plants built using a modular design. Wit..
CO2 recovery plants
CO2 recovery plants are compact, reliable plants built using a modular design, which recovers ..
CO2-Recovery Plants
CO2-Recovery Plants from Dry Ice Production will provide an enormous reduction in production costs w..
CO2-Recovery plants for dry ice
Dry ice is produced by expansion of liquid CO2 from an insulated CO2 storage tank at approx. 15-19 b..
Filling stations
Many of our customers sell the CO2 produced using BUSE plants in steel cylinders. During filling, th..
High-pressure CO2 plants
"System BUSE" high-pressure tank plants for CO2 are used wherever smaller quantities of CO2 are ne..
Low-pressure CO2 plants
"System BUSE" insulated CO2 tank plants - designed for a max. admissible operating pressure of 22 ..
Vapor Evaporator
Vapor Evaporator ..
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