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C2000 Valve Series
Features Low Handle Torque For Bubble Tight Shut-off Stainless Steel Body, Stem and Threads ..
Cryogenic Design
Cryogenic design, otherwise known as the ability to fabricate dewars, containers, tanks, cryostats a..
Cryogenic Storage and Cryogenic Transport
Our liquid distribution systems are designed to deliver quality as well as liquid cryogens such as..
Dewar Flasks
One word can be used to describe this product line… “flexible.” This product can fulfill many diff..
Horizontal Cryogenic Storage Tanks/Vessels
The horizontal cryogenic storage tanks/vessels in the CH Series are intended for low pressure tran..
Liquid Helium Transfer Line
When using cryogenic liquid gases with a low heat of vaporization such as helium, hydrogen or neon, ..
Liquid Hydrogen Dewar
Cryofab's CLH series portable liquid hydrogen dewar is intended for low pressure transport and stora..
Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Line
This product is designed for applications that require reduced product evaporation and elimination o..
Low Pressure Container
The absolute back-to-basics low pressure container without bells and whistles is a throwback to th..
Portable Dewars for Liquid Nitrogen, Oxygen & Argon
Portable dewars are intended for low pressure transport and storage of liquid nitrogen, oxygen or ..
Portable Liquid Helium Dewars
Designed for minimum-loss storage, transportation and dispensing of liquid helium. Our state-of-the-..
Superconducting Magnet Dewars
The superconducting magnet dewars product line was designed specifically to facilitate superconduc..
Uninsulated Stainless Steel Flexible Transfer Lines
Ultimate in Uninsulated Cryogenic Hoses Cryofab offers the ultimate in uninsulated cryogenic hose..
V1000 Seal-Off Valve
The V1000 vacuum seal-off valve is an evacuation valve which provides an extra dimension to the vacu..
V1000 Seal-Off Valve With Side Port
Cryocomp has added an integrated port on the side of the 1/2" and 1" standard seal off valves for th..
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